Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sheriff Carter Gets a Tip--And A Second Arrest!!

The Bob the Bounty Hunter Show Is Working! --Update Second Fugitive Arrested

Sheriff Tracy Carter, in his 3rd appearance on Bob the Bounty Hunter, announced the arrest of Robby Neal Knight. Knight is being charged with larceny of a motor vehicle and possession of stolen goods. When a Lee County resident saw the photo on the G105 website, they called in a tip and Knight was arrested. Sheriff Carter added another name today - Robert Samuel Vogel - as well as asked for information concerning a house invasion on December 4th.
Update-Ronald Samuel Vogel who owes $8,698.68 in past due child support was arrested last week based on tips from Bob the Bounty Hunter.


rt in Broadway said...

This just shows what can happen now that we have a proactive Sheriff here in Lee County.
This has been working for other counties and now it is obviously working for us. Thanks sheriff.

Anonymous said...

****Just wanted to let rt know that this is another case of Sheriff Carter jumping on the idea the Former Chief Deputy Kevin Bryant initiated before the November Election. Also, Sheriff Carter was not the first to ring the Salvation Army Bell at Christmas Time. Pay attention people!

***The information that Sheriff Carter was the first one from Lee County to be on the show was supplied by Bob the Bounter Hunter himself.----editor

gc said...

Keep up the good work Sheriff Carter!! You and your staff have done more for Lee County within the first 2 months than the previous administration did in the past 10 years. The people of Lee County are better served and we appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, I was just wondering when someone from the Sheriff's Office was on Bob the Bounty Hunter, besides SHERIFF CARTER??? can you please let me know, thank you

Anonymous said...

I believe this is a wonderful thing that we are seeing here. While I'm sure that there are those that would have liked Kevin to win.. I mean he's a friend of mine too, there were just too many fundamental differences between the two and the fact that he spent so long under Billy Bryant would be enough to make anyone leery of having another period of time with the same thought process.

Besides Bob the Bounty Hunter is a new idea basically, Kevin may have wanted to do it, but Billy never did. So it just goes to show how proactive our previous sheriff was. Over 60 people have been taken into custody over the state because of that show and observant people in their communities that have finally said enough is enough.

Great job!!!